Drug abuse is the most important menace affecting human race today. I would call it a ‘self created’ misery. Why does it occur? Is it a disease? Is it just a lapse in ‘will power’ or a pattern of ‘chronic suicide’ or a social evil. What makes a man go into this? The aim of this website is to educate interested people about the various facets of drug abuse. We plan to make it interactive interesting and informative. We are trying to rope in psychiatrists, psychologists, physicians, sportsmen, artists, cine actors, members of alcoholic anonymous and narcotic anonymous to contribute their articles regularly. Its our aim that the society is benefited by this endeavor.Dr. Venkataraya Bhandary (Dr. AV Baaliga Hospital, Doddanagudde)
Rose plants entice you, mesmerize you and take you to a different world; but as the stem begins to evolve, the thorns surface without your awareness. The beauty of the mystic flower stands out, but when you scratch behind the thorns haunt you. Drugs take humankind to that dangerous zone – at the outset they give you the confidence of a blissful world but as you go deeper and deeper into that world, that world becomes more and more realistic and you start believing in the spider web you build around. This web is not just your willpower, but your blood and senses. You become a slave to this subconscious world of promises, and sacrifice your head thinking its all well in your control. You start believing that you are consciously controlling, but in reality you are being controlled subconsciously. You think you know what is happening to you, but in reality the knowing has conquered your being. You no more feed your flesh and blood, but your flesh and blood feeds your consciousness. You can’t use your intellect in a drowning ocean, you can only pity yourself. DO NOT DIVE INTO A WORLD OF SUPERFICIAL MAGIC AND END UP TRAGIC. SAY NO TO DRUGS – TODAY – NOW!!Sreesha Belakvaadi (IT Professional, Bangalore)