saynotodrugs-logoPeople take drugs for many different reasons. Whatever the reason, if you decide to take drugs it should always be your choice to do so, and you should make that choice with the right information from a trusted and reliable source. Drugs can not only lead to jail but it also does harm to your health. We only have one body so lets take care of it. Without realising it, drugs can become central to a person’s life and can affect their personal relationships, ability to study and work, mental health and quality of life. All too easily you can have one of those days when life just feels too hard. At some point most of us do. If you feel like you are losing it or you’re stressed out, it’s really helpful to seek help and support. Saying ‘no’ and not taking drugs, when most people around you are taking them can be very hard – especially if it has been or is a part of your family life. But sometimes the easiest way to get out of that situation is to tell the truth, to simply say ‘no’. When you make excuses, it can often create an opportunity for people to try and convince you by adding extra pressure. Simply saying ‘I don’t want to’ is a pretty hard statement to debate. This website includes information about how to make your own choices, avoid situations where you may become exposed to drugs, how drug use can impact your life and how to support your friends. Our primary mission is to reduce the impact of drug abuse from one end of the globe to the other. “say NO to DRUGS”.